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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel also called PU Sandwich Panel,the up & down surface of this panel is Galvanized & Pre-painted steel sheets, core material is 5 components Polyurethane glue, it is formed by heating, foaming & laminating. Polyurethane is the best material for temperature keeping and sound insulation. It is widely used as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building etc.

 Standard Wall Sandwich Panel
 Flat Wall Sandwich Panel
 Micro-Wave Wall Sandwich Panel
 Standard Roof Sandwich Panel   
 Hidden Joint Roof Sandwich Panel 

The characteristics of polyurethane sandwich panel:
1.Light self-weight:
only 10-14kg/m2,, the installation is convenient and flexible, without large-scale lifting devices, the short building-time and low cost.
2.The load-bearing capacity:
high intensity, large rigidity, is suitable either for the weight-bearing structure or for the supporting and protective structure.
3. The temp-keeping & heat insulation:
Good thermal insulation, the average coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.018-0.022w/mk.
Suitable for keeping the occasion much warm, and reducing the cost.
4. Cold and heat-resisting performance:
perfect temperature-resistance deformation from -110oc to 120 oc
5. Other characteristics :
dimensional stability; non-water absorbent; aesthetically pleasing appearance; durability and
environmentally friendly materials.

Main Technical Parameters
      For PU Wall Sandwich Panel

      For PU Roof Sandwich Panel

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